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Employment Contract - Senior Employee


The Employment Contract - Senior Employee contains the terms and conditions of employment for senior positions and includes restrictive covenants which help to protect the interest of the employer.

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Employment Contract - Senior Employee

This Employment Contract – Senior Employee template recognises that a senior position may require the employee to work more than 48 hours on average per week and contains a provision whereby the Employee opts out of the Working Time Regulations. The contract does not provide for overtime hours to be paid due to the fact that the obligation to work additional hours is reflected in the manager's salary.

This agreement prohibits the senior employee from abusing their power and using solicitation or poaching employees for another organisation. We have included these provisions to protect the interest of the employer; the contract also contains provisions regarding: confidential information; exclusivity of service; and, other benefits

It is a requirement under the Employment Rights Act 1996 for Employers to provide their Employees with a written statement of their main terms and conditions of employment. This must be provided within 8 weeks starting from the commencement of Employment. This Manager Employment Contract contains all the main terms and conditions required under the Act.

This Employment Contract - Senior Employee contains the following clauses / provisions:

  1. Commencement and Probation Period
  2. Job Title and Description
  3. Place of Work
  4. Hours of Work
  5. Remuneration
  6. Holidays
  7. Absence and Sick Pay
  8. Notice
  9. Disciplinary and Grievance Procedure
  10. Maternity and Paternity Leave
  11. Additional Policies
  12. Pension Scheme
  13. Collective Agreements
  14. Changes to Your Terms of Employment
  15. Confidentiality
  16. Bonus
  17. Expenses
  18. Entitlements
  19. Non-Competition
  20. Non-Solicitation
  21. Non-Poaching
  22. Alcohol and Drugs
  23. Property
  24. Anti-bribery
  25. Third Party Rights
  26. Personal Information
  27. Governing Law

This Employment Contract - Senior Employee is in Microsoft Word format, written in plain English, easy to use and edit.

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